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2007-07-17 19:25:53 by Preternatural

Today, July 17th 2007 is a great day for the Innernets: NG's redesign hath finally come down upon us, like a hammar applied directly to the cock.

I used to be level 16 and have neat nunchucks, and I was 120 exp away from the absolutely fabulous fist of bronze. I longed for level 17 for months, then the redesign screwed everything up. Oh well, I went from level 16 to 31, which isn't bad, considering some users went down several levels. I now have this horrible butcher knife, but in 5-6 days I'm going to pawn it for a fucking flail.

Light, Neutral, Evil, Dark, Fab. Those are the auras available to the general public. Mods get a special "yellow-golden" one cuz their mad awesum and I wantt to suck there enormus shllong. Fuck, I want one of those too. Admin get special icons; instead of a weapon, they have their face on their golden aura. I want to see Lord Stamper's majestic presence on the BBS soon (he's probably super fab from fagland).

The Paltalk fanroom was quite busy yesterday and today too. Wade was there, being busy answering questions from fags all day long and playing "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN", while the rest of us fags spammed the shit out of the room. We talked about Grammer and how we miss him. What else? I don't know. F this, off to play some GW.