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I'm adaptating my current project for my final project for my Quality Control class. The assignment given to our fictional company is to fix the horrible starting project to make it enjoyable for 8 to 12 years old. So, some elements I had originally planned are going to be missing, and others will have to be replaced. For example, no subclass, and some of the graphics (for the menu or enemies, probably) will have to be drawn in Flash in a cartoonish style.

I've almost finished the menu. Goddamn, this is harder than I had thought; multiple windows, multiple "select pointers" are a pain in the ass. I had to use a flag to tell which menu the player is in and another one for the last menu that the player was in... and arrays for the select pointers... about 500 lines of barely understandable code just for the menu, and it isn't complete yet.

When the project is over, I'll probably rethink how the arrays work, make it way easier to use, now that I know exactly how deep this shit is, like having just one big array or perhaps three arrays of just two. I think I'm having a mental breakdown. Hnnnnggghhh.

In other news, I hope to get better with object-oriented programming in Flash. That might help me with rebuilding the game right next time.

ALSO SHOUTOUT TO Raguel WHO HELPED ME WITH SOMETHING TODAY. Bring him gifts and burnt offerings.

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