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Entry #14

STARDATE 03/06/2010

2010-06-03 23:43:44 by Preternatural

Fuck you, it's DD/MM/YYYY


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2011-04-02 19:49:23

I disagree.


2012-04-29 18:37:05

No Don't Fuck me, Please. I totally agree 100% with you, it is DD/MM/YYYY. Damn the Americans and their prehistoric backwardsness and their inability to fall in line with the rest of the world. Elitist twats. One day they will see light and correct their wrong doings and hopefully join in with the rest of the world. With dates and measurements, etc. AND if we try hard enough, we might even be able to stop them saying 'ALUMIN-UM' instead of leaving out the other 'I' that makes it' ALUMIN-IUM'. But I not going to hold my breath on that one. My head might explode before that happens. Stay cool my friend, Stay Cool.